Reality check

As I was saying to my friends the other day, we need to accept that for now, we’re living out the same storyline as the dying Soviet Union. The security apparatus, the bankers and the money people are running the show, and our focus should be on surviving underneath the radar. You’ll remember that the Soviets had a thoroughly corrupt system, and by the time things fell apart, the most successful citizens were operating mostly through a robust underground economy.

3 thoughts on “Reality check

  1. The United States and the Soviet Union existed as a pair of forces, each requiring the other for its justification and in effect propping each other up. We didn’t defeat them. We and the Soviet Union defeated each other. They just fell apart first.

    Like two punch drunk old boxers in the tenth round, the Soviets just fell down first. We were proclaimed champions because we were able to stagger back to the dressing room, but after we got there we collapsed on the floor with a cerebral hemorrhage. Right now we are in the intensive care unit, bleeding out.

  2. Thanks for saying it. Finding myself having to keep my distance from old pals who insist of acting like it’s still the economy we had in the 70s. Kind of hard to have sympathy sometimes too, when folks scoff at the very idea of finding out what’s coming so they can prepare. Who said we are entitled to always live well even as we choose sloth and ignorance? Not in any world I live in.

  3. “Underground Economy”. Yes.

    I’ve been looking into that. I have a lot of books. Maybe it’ll be like Farenheit 451. At first.

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