Oh look

The WTO pushing an immoral agenda against citizens! Who’da thunk it?

U.S. measures to reduce teenage smoking violate World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, according to a panel ruling released late last week. Indonesia successfully argued that the U.S. Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (FSPTCA) of 2009 violated WTO rules. The ruling opens the door to more teenage tobacco addiction, while further imperiling the legitimacy of a WTO that rules against environmental, health and other national policies 90 percent of the time.

One thought on “Oh look

  1. You can’t single out one member and allow everyone else to skate. Had this been a total US ban on ALL kinds of cigarettes manufactured outside the country it would probably have been acceptable. But it was all about clove cigarettes only. If the US doesn’t want to follow the rules of the WTO then the US should quit the organization. Which may be a very good idea.

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