3 thoughts on “ILWU

  1. I appreciate the sentiment and wish i could support the Wash. state ILWU but I cannot.

    they have, like the teamsters, decided that all they care about is themselves.
    They have supported a reactionary/corporate stooges candinates of Port Commissioners in elections all through the Puget Sound Ports 9 Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham etc) based upon a payout for themselves.

    They have worked against health care for the public, environmental standards and other unions simply to ingratiate themselves with there corporate masters.

    The single, and only, standard they have to support port commissioners candinates is whether they support the status quo in regards to the ILWU.

    Harry Bridges is probably spinning in his grave to see what they have become.

    This is the reason that they are not getting much support from other unions or other proggrssive organizations is because after sacrificing everyone else out for so long upon the alter of their own selfish interests no one can bother to support them.

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