4 thoughts on “Labor Day with Paul Ryan

  1. I wanted to smack his wife… and take that smile off her face.

    Him… well, nothing will save his soul and change his heart.

  2. Does everyone know that Osama bin Laden was only the ‘front’ man in an all boy propaganda mill which couldn’t blow up a firecracker wityhout reading the instructions first? That is until they hired Khalid Sheikh Mohammed whose nephew Ramzi Yousef attacked the WTC in 1993. Mohammed joined the Muslim Brotherhood when he was 16, graduated from North Carolina Ag & Tech State University in 1986, fought the Russians in a leadership position with the Northern Alliance in 1992, and then worked for the government of Qatar from 1993-1996. Then something happened. He joined his nephew Yousef in carrying out a number of attacks against the US. He didn’t join bin Laden until 1999 but only after being given lots of money and manpower so that he could carry out his plan to fly planes into the WTC. The fact that he’s still alive and living on the government dole is quite interesting.

  3. I really get the feeling few people in this country have any idea what the labor in Labor Day means. Just the fact that he was allowed into that parade, and the fact that many people cheered him makes me feel hopeless.

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