3 thoughts on “The revolving door

  1. Part of the goal of impoverishing people, breaking the middle class, destroying unions is simply to make sure we do not have the disposable income to fund anything, from college education for our children to lobbyists and political parties which actually represent us, the non-wealthy people.

    Obama says he wants to make our wages more competitive, per Michael Hudson, so he wants to see us making 30% less (I don’t know the exact starting date for the decline, but St. Ronnie set things in motion to keep us from actually keeping up with inflation — Obama thinks we need to get down to…what?…Indonesian non-elites’ wages? Chinese non-elites? Haitian? (FSM help us.)

    We have numbers, but the Big Money and the Powers That Be (however precariously) want to ensure that we do not have the organizations, either political, union, or, even, community.

    Noam Chomsky was on Democracy Now! this morning and said one of the reasons for attacks on SocSec, preventing singel payer, attacking Medicare/Medicaid, going after unions is to remove from our nation any sense of community, of caring for others as we would have them care for us.

    Our Powers That Be profess to being religious, but they work ceaselessly to remove the actual meaning of genuine meaning from public life. For them it is not “Love thy neighbor as thyself” or “Do not to others what you do not want them to do to you”; instead, it is get for yourself what you can and to hell with the rest. And, unlike Henry Ford, they feel they do not really need American consumers to purchase their goods — but they do want to hook us into rent-paying arrangements.

    The word “serfs” comes to mind. But, the Big Money and Uberwealthy best beware of driving us into desperation, as from that comes violent reactions and change from, oh, guillotines or other forms of killing the Monied Class terrorists.

    Very interesting, that Richard Kline piece you linked to, Susie. Our modern Kleptocrats do not seem to realize that some measure of moderation, even kindness, is necessary to remain in power longterm. They are so greedy it makes one’s head spin.

  2. The ironic thing is that the politicans, which “we the people” elect to Congress, are constitutionally mandated to function as our lobbyists. That is their role. It is a fact that the oligarchy has completely corrupted the system. Our problem is with the oligarchy, its plurocarts and the fact that too much money is concentarted in too few hands. The question is how “we the people” dislodge the oligarchy, redistribute its wealth and do it without bloodshed? The Arabs are in the process of doing that today.

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