3 thoughts on “Tent city

  1. During the last Corporate Masters/Rethuglican Great Depression, these camps were called ‘Hoovervilles.’ What shall we christen these? Bonerburgs? Goldman-Sachslandia? Tea Party Condos?

  2. They usually get the name of the president at the time included, such as Obamavilles. I referred to those under Bush as Bushvilles.

  3. With all of those houses being foreclosed, where do they think the people are going to go? Sure, there were a lot of people who were naive and made some bad decisions that got themselves in over their heads, but they were assuming that the prosperity of America was going to continue.

    While they were being sold these houses by the realtors and lent the money by the mortgage companies who wanted their fees and commissions, the people who knew the truth were keeping it all secret and covering it up, and the regulators we trusted to keep us safe were in on the scam.

    And nobody thought they were going to lose their jobs and be out of work for YEARS and finally be forced to take a job that cut their income in half.

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