This world is crazy

I can’t even bear to read most of the crap that passes for political commentary these days, because the people who write it have so successfully insulated themselves from what the rest of us are suffering.

However: Fall is (unofficially) here, the Phils are in the playoffs, and before you know it: pumpkin pie! So there’s that.

What lifts your heart in these troubled times?

One thought on “This world is crazy

  1. Pumpkin Spice cappuccino in all the machines around here. Sugar! and Caffeine! Together! And tasty enough to suck down really really fast.

    I get up and do something physical. Today I made a cover for my body pillow, and a tote for the materials for one of my classes. I can hold them in my hands, they’re useful, and they are pretty colors. Next I’m going to go out and get a 6 MM allen wrench to adjust the handle bars on my bike, and then make spaghetti. I should be sane enough by then.

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