2 thoughts on “Belated populist rhetoric from the big chief

  1. Now that he knows it will never pass, Obama can finally get behind popular legislation. Just like the public option, and FISA legislation, and the Employees’ Free Choice Act, and ending the wars, and taxing the rich . . . .

    The rest of the time he makes disastrously right-wing decisions, makes cooing sounds about how “some folks didn’t think I got it just right,” and sends out hatchet men to call the people who voted for him “fucking retards.”

    Well who’s the retard now, Mister President?

  2. On the one hand, I am experiencing schadenfreude because I did not think Obama would be a good president, referred to him during the ’08 primaries as “just another corporate Democrat”, and was looking for someone who would represent the American people’s best interests, not the best interests of corporations. On the other, he screwed his chances for a second term and the country, but now we’ll get a choice between a disastrous incumbent and a catastrophic Republican shitbird. My mate has told me she can work from anywhere now, since her company wants to cut back on use of office space. Canada is looking better and better to me now.

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