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  1. Oh, you mean those “sporadic” protests on Wall Street?

    Very Serious MCMers (members of theMainstream Corporate Media) responding to a caller’s question yesterday on The Diane Rehm Show:

    Steve ROBERTS (substitute host, Cokie’s husband) 10:55:01 — Got time for one more caller. And, Allen, you got to be brief, but we’re happy to have you on the air.

    ALLEN 10:55:06 — Oh, thank you. I’m calling from Tampa. I listen pretty much every day. (Slight snip)
    ALLEN 10:55:10 — I would like — I guess my question is why is — it seems that there’s almost an apparent suppression of media coverage of this Wall Street protest regarding the people who, you know, caused our country to go in such an economic crisis?

    Notice that his question is about the MCM coverage, actually lack of coverage, of the protest. Now watch them deny, justify, and pivot.

    ROBERTS 10:55:28 — Okay. Allen, thanks for your call. Yes.

    Ron ELVING (NPR) 10:55:29 — We have spent some time on The Wall Street crisis of 2007, 2008, 2009. We have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out why more people have not been prosecuted. As I understand it, the protest that’s been going sporadically this week and some people getting arrested, some people showing up there in Wall Street, is to protest the fact that more people have not been punished for the crash and that people continue to do business as usual and become enriched by the way they do business on Wall Street.

    Michael HIRSH (National Journal) 10:55:54 — I will say that a number of us have written extensively about this since 2007, 2008, the lack of prosecutions. We will continue to do so. So we may not, you know, have spent a lot time in the process itself, but we are certainly spending time on the issue.

    And, here it comes, the host directed Big Pivot.

    ROBERTS 10:56:06 — I’m also looking at a BBC report just out this morning, Karen. And one of the dimensions here is the use of online tools to organize. And this is something we talked about in terms of Ron Paul’s money raising, in terms of Obama. This is new dimension in American politics, the ability of these voices to be heard using online media to organize.

    Karen TUMULTY (WaPo) 10:56:30 — Exactly. I mean we’ve seen it not just in this country, but around the world, because there are so many places in the world where people will never be able to afford a computer, but everybody owns a cell phone. [Really, Karen? Everbody? You’re a very comfortably well off Versailles courtier, so you know that for a fact?] And so there are ways of people connecting with each other that just didn’t exist before.

    ROBERTS 10:56:48 — And we saw this in the Arab Spring, of course, throughout the Arab world. That’s going to have to be it for the domestic part of our Friday News Roundup.

    This is your MCM covering a topic they want the public to think they should not spend time learning about.

    In defense of Diane Rehm, when she hosts the show she sometimes asks the very questions I would ask, which is refreshing. Usually they’re about fairness, more rarely reminding her guests of some inconvenient facts. But she also stay within certain parameters allowed to public broadcasting.

    Her MCMer guest hosts stay within a noticeably smaller box of acceptable discourse and questions to guests.

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