Nice Polite Republicans

I left this comment on this NPR post yesterday morning about why they weren’t covering Occupy Wall Street (too small, no celebrities, etc.):

Thank you for sticking to your guns on your business model.

Every time NPR decides not to cover growing political movements, I invariably get a large contribution to my blog from someone saying, “I used to make a contribution to NPR, but because of (fill in the blank), I’m giving the money to you instead.” I hear this a lot: “Why give them money for news I read about on your blog months ago?” Also, that “he said, she said” thing? Keep that up, too.

Love, Your Competition

5 thoughts on “Nice Polite Republicans

  1. Nice. I woke up the other night and put on NPR and heard that horrible hack Cokie Roberts pretending Republican Congressional efforts to bring down the government were just part of a tit-for-tat battle with the Dems. Politics as usual. NPR is a fucking disgrace. A bunch of whipped dogs.

  2. so many self identified liberal dinosaurs get all their news and politics from NPR and McNeil/Lehrer (or whatever they call it now), and they still scoff at those crazy “blogs!”. they still can’t figure out what happened to the Obama they thought they elected.

  3. Ever since a Republican took over at NPR, the site has become nothing less than another mouthpiece for their ridiculous, mean-spirited, bigotted, racist, and social-exclusionary ideas. They suck and i don’t listen to it much anymore. They’re so Bush when we’ve all “moved on” to some extent.

    The problem now, of course, is that the Democrats have been dragged way past the center to what was once the right (as opposed to the neo-con extreme right) to try to counter their “influence.” So now BOTH parties are corporatist to at least some degree and nobody represents the people.

    That’s some democracy!

  4. In the context of a president who is provably further to the right than Nixon but talks the leftie talk, NPR is fulfilling its mission to push the authoritarian follower memes. Just about every time I listen to it, which is less and less often, I am exasperated by the profound lack of news. The governmental reporting is little more than another episode of Hijinks at High Court and the Arab/Afghan Fetish is still in full glory. It used to be pedophile priests, but since the permanent wars, National Imperial Radio has stepped right up as the bullhorn of right-wing agendas. Even the Diane Rehm Show, which is generally good otherwise, gets weekly infested with the career bloviators, twenty-somethings, consultants and think tankers with Very Serious Opinions about things that have never mattered and will never matter to the typical American worker-serf. It’s sad.

  5. When Diane Rehm has guest hosts, the MCMers are incorrigible in spouting Powers That Be talking points, now more than ever the same points for both parties. The two sides of the one coin both parties are after securing….

    When Diane is there, she occasionally demands clarifications, forces the guest to explain a remark. Even asks some questions I would ask.

    But, too often, guests, especially MCMers (members of the Mainstream Coporate Media, just leave out any inconvenient facts and stick to the PTB lines.

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