2 thoughts on “A dying Cubs fan’s last request

  1. It was a “wicked bad” day for Boston on Wednesday and Francona has paid the price with his job. There are more than a few other people in leadership positions, especially politicians, who should suffer the same fate in 2012. That does NOT include Obama.

  2. Red Sox owner John Henry suffered what club officials called a “minor accident” aboard his 164-foot luxury yacht, Iroquois, last night and was seen disembarking in a neck brace to meet an ambulance shortly after his final meeting with former Sox manager Terry Francona.

    Henry was seen walking on his own power after falling on the ship, witnesses, Red Sox [team stats] officials and a first responder told the Herald last night.

    Hmm not happy karma. Due to my inability to cut and paste, check out Photo of the Day, October 1, 2011: Drink Positively @bostonist.com for my outlook on this.

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