2 thoughts on “From a distance

  1. War is peace, that’s how. I would swear that about 40 or 50 or 60 years ago, a bunch of sociopathic kids in Ivy League signed onto a project, as a huge prank, of course, to transform the U.S. and A. into something as closely resembling Orwell’s dystopia as possible. The joke is on us, serfs. People like Kristol et al., and others out of the Chicago School. “Quality of life is really arbitrary isn’t it, William? Let’s turn the screws until the frog pops and see how much money we can make in the meantime!” Huzzah, cheerio, pip-pip, assholes. They have money but we’ve got everything else.

    One of my relatives in upstate New York is a lawyer with a great sense of entitlement and a federal firearms dealer’s license who also happens to smoke lots of dope and is also a card-carrying republican, one afternoon told his son that he “had it all.” And I told him, “Yes, and I have the rest.” He didn’t know what to make of that. About 20 years later, his son has flunked out of community college as well as an upper division university, works at a supermarket, and wears baggy pants and his hat sideways like some kind of white, working class hoodlum. [Yeah, get off my lawn…] Like so many of his lost generation, he had a choice between college, the military, or keeping the basements of upstate NY safe for cases of Bud Ice, hockey games on big screens and marathon video games. Just a waste and mostly intentional. Not a hint of a sense that all of these advantages was pissing away before his eyes. A good sheep. Generational degeneracy. But I digress.

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