4 thoughts on “Live stream March on Wall Street

  1. I have nothing to say except: AWESOME!!!

    JUMP, motherfuckers. Poor stock market. I mean, Las Vegas bingo establishment.

  2. Is this it then? Is it protest all the way? From now unto death, we must protest?

    I’m sorry. That’s not good enough for me.

  3. Have a look at Citi’s Plutonomy Memos. Written in 2006 as long-term asset strategy, the DRIP contempt for us down here. Their #1 stated fear is that we finally catch on, and demand our fair share. They go on to state that they have the power and influence to enact any type of Civil crisis to STOP that.

    No kidding.


    Please download these memos, and repost wherever possible. They will not last long where they are, and I am running out of venues.

    I am back, as long as my health allows. I feel that wide dissemination of these memos is absolutely vital.

    Yours always,


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