Vox populi

Erin Burnett, formerly of CNBC and now a CNN anchor twit who is also (surprise!) newly engaged to a Citigroup exec. So naturally, they assigned her to cover Occupy Wall Street:

Here’s some background about this former NBC News business reporter and current CNN news host, from an article last week:

[Burnett] is set to tie the knot with Citigroup executive David Rubulotta. . . .

The American-born journalist started her career as a financial analyst for worldwide investment banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs.

During her time at the company she was headhunted by CNN for the position of writer and booker for the network’s hit show Moneyline.

When Burnett later became Vice President of Citigroup/CitiMedia, she met Rubulotta, who currently serves as an executive with the company.

Last week, as MediaBistro reported, “CNN feted its newest anchor [] at Robert restaurant at The Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle, just a few hundred feet from CNN’s NYC headquarters, overlooking Columbus Circle and the southwest corner of Central Park.”  Among the many fabulous guests celebrating Burnett’s new “news” program was JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.  Do you think any of this might have anything to do with her scorn for Wall Street protests and her perpetual defense for the nation’s oligrachs?  Would it ever occur to CNN that perhaps a former Wall Street banker at Goldman Sachs, currently engaged to a Citigroup executive, might not be the best person to cover those protests?  Of course not: that’s exactly the bias that makes her such an appropriate choice in the eyes of her Time Warner bosses.

3 thoughts on “Vox populi

  1. Yeah, so what else is new? I’m never surprised when the top three cable “news” outlets bring in a white, pretty-young-thing to highlight the corporate point of view, except, of course for Sharpton at 6:00 pm. Oh, but not to worry, Sharpton will last 3/4 months at that time slot, while the cutie-pie will go on to bigger and better millions (of dollars, that is).

  2. Dontchya understand?
    This makes her so much more qualified to understand what’s going on, and explain it to us, who don’t really understand.

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