Occupy Philly

Occupy Philly is also asking for donations for the following items, which can be delivered directly to City Hall: nonperishable food items, reusable plates, utensils, bowls, pots and pans (they will have access to a kitchen for cooking and washing at the Quaker Friends Select School), water coolers, paper, dish and cloth towels, fruit with skin (like oranges), plastic wrap, and tarps.

Occupy Philly is also asking any nonprofits to let them use their 501c3 status to be able to accept donations from supermarkets. Contact Gia B at 609-706-0118.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Philly

  1. It is almost certainly an error that the school has been opened for use by the protesters. It is much more likely that the Friends Center at 15th and Cherry has offered its facilities. I hope this gets corrected soon. While plenty of school parents (including myself) likely wholly support the Occupy protesters, I can’t imagine that they’d support letting the protesters into the school, even to just use the kitchen.

    I’ve contacted the school to clarify.

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