4 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. George Clooney? I guess that’s good to know, in case I’m ever tempted to care about his opinion. I just thought this might be about some other George, like one who matters. The most annoying thing about this guy is how the media, even if it is the most lightweight of the lightweight entertainment media, talk about him running for president. I suppose he is in the same league of qualifications as W or O or Arnie or Jesse (little to none) but it’s just depressing to live in such a politically retarded country where anyone could discuss such things without shame.

  2. He’s having a very good time. He doesn’t care and doesn’t need to care and never will need to care. He’s INVESTED. Plus, he fucks beautiful women who are attracted to his beautiful spirit.

  3. UGH – can’t stand the misogynist a-hole.

    He has said he won’t run for Prez and intimated that his background wouldn’t pass muster – probably meaning he’s an active pot smoker. Nothing wrong with that but I don’t want a pot smoker for Prez.

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