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  1. Just remember, the Republicans made him do it. It might look like that since it’s Obama’s committee that he could appoint anyone he wanted to it and that who he wants is a bunch of corporate tools bent on destroying average Americans to increase their profit margins and bonuses. But you’d be wrong because if we’ve learned anything during these last three years it’s that absolutely nothing is Obama’s fault. He has only goodness and light in his soul and, to the extent he repeatedly screws over working Americans, it’s because he has to.

  2. “They made me do it,” will be Obama’s mantra after the 2012 elections if the Republicans keep control of the House and get control of the Senate. That’s the 1 percenters plan anyway. It’s vital that every Republican holding public office be defeated in 2012 and that Obama be reelected. That would destroy the oligarchy.

  3. No need for surprise, dismay, or bashing heads on desks.

    Remember this is not just the Jobs Council. This is the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

    And let me put that into further perspective. This is the President’s Council on jobs and COMPETITIVENESS.

    Just so we understand the priorities. Jobs, schmobs. They get in the way. All corporations want is to receive $$$. Making a product requiring workers with jobs is such a damn nuisance.

  4. Obama, if he had any integrity, would have stood up to the Republitards, exposed them for the corporatist tools they are, and easily would easily win re-election. Too late now, he’s a complete disgrace to the people that voted him into office. He’s ONE OF THEM, so stop making excuses and deluding yourself into thinking another 4 years would do anything but enhance the collapse of the United States. What we need is an election where nobody shows ups and we go about doing it all ourselves. This Occupy movement is a good start on that road.

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