Question for NYT: WHOSE economy is growing?

Amazing. First Robert Pear rattles off the depressing income figures of a country in decline, then he casually notes that “the economy has been growing.” How is he defining economic growth? More here.

4 thoughts on “Question for NYT: WHOSE economy is growing?

  1. Well the 1% that matter are doing great. Why does anyone who makes less than $3 million a year bother to read that shit anymore?

  2. Which reminds me. You see the polls of how Americans think the economy’s doing? It really pisses me off that they invariably preface the question with a statement about how great the Dow is performing. I’ve started responding with “what the hell the does the Dow have to do with American economic well-being.”

  3. You mean there are people who make less than $3 million a year?
    If so, it’s their own fault.

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