5 thoughts on “A national convention?

  1. The false prophets are out in force. For example the MSM is giving air time to those it claims are speaking for the OWS movement. They are not and they do not. Most of those that the MSM (especially on anything FOX ) are advancing as OWS spokespersons are nothing more than self-promoting media whores looking to expand membership in their own organizations. Groups like Our Time, the Democratic Party (Clinton) and others. Where this July 4th convention idea came from is anybody’s guess. Beware of the false prophets who claim to be speaking for the multitude.

  2. 4JUL sounds solid. Culmination of what every prog group has been working for already, only less linear, more spontaneous, less tethered to the money pipeline when done en masse. Biiiiig Picture. Bloviating about false prophesy is for naught. What part of human suffering as the common denominator can be proven false? Civil liberties and economic liberty are a tandem. Clearly the writing is on the wall, no prophesy necessary: Co-opters and opportunists beware. Fealty is no shield when your machinery is innovated upon to the point of becoming irrelevant. DoubleSpeak NewSpeak is being replaced by One Voice Everywhere. Try to stop it. (Try implies fail).

  3. Let it be said that any neolibcon trope of “Oh nooooo, sorry, the system won’t work without at least some slaves” will not be tolerated.

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