2 thoughts on “The happiest place on earth

  1. The electronic whip is going to lead to higher health care costs for someone, whoever pays for the insurance, as the kind of stress it is causing will undoubtedly lead to some kind of chronic illnesses.

    What’s the silent film about workers as cogs in a machine? My memory is so vague, but it was one of the great images of the effects of “efficiency experts.”

    While reading that article, I clicked over to a report on last night’s Republican debate, and these two grafs at the end fit nicely with the image of Romney from his interaction with the pregnant woman told she needed an abortion or would likely lose her life to blood clots that Susie posted on MMonday.

    Earlier in the day, Mitt Romney was criticized by Democrats for suggesting that the government should not intervene in the foreclosure crisis, saying that the market needed to bottom out. That brought a sharp retort from Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader.

    “Mitt Romney owes the thousands of Nevada families struggling to keep a roof over their heads an apology,” Reid said in a statement. “With the highest foreclosure rate in the nation, Nevadans can’t afford someone in the White House whose response to this crisis is ‘tough luck.'”

    Corporations are people? How does a woman get off easy by getting an abortion when other women have their kids? Tough luck on losing your job, your home, your life?

    Mitt is not creating an image of a person who has much empathy for others. We sure don’t need another uncaring narcissist in the WH.

    What a woeful choice will be offered to the American voters!

  2. I was thinking you meant pulse monitors. Get everybody functioning at 140% of resting heart rate, and make them keep it up, and then watch people drop over from exhaustion. And then replace them.

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