7.2 in Turkey

And once again, astrologer Richard Nolle called it in advance:

The October 26 new moon SuperMoon at 3° 03’ Scorpio anchors a geocosmic shock window that runs from the 23rd through the 30th. Opposing Jupiter – putting the Giant Planet in its annual closest approach to Earth – and happening with Mercury and Venus just a couple degrees apart in the evening sky, this looks like a respectable storm and seismic signal. And something of a financial up-tick as well: it should be good for bonds, stocks and good strong currencies. Increased production and hiring look like part of this SuperMoon. This isn’t the Second Coming, by any means: the return of prosperity is years away yet, and this will prove a welcome yet only temporary respite along that path. Moreover, economic disruptions due to storm-related (or seismic) infrastructure damage can take the bloom off the rose at least for a time.

The likelihood of destructive storms, seismic events (including magnitude 5+ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) as well as extreme tidal surges associated with the October 23-30 SuperMoon shock window is planet-wide in potential. If there are signs of particular target zones, they may be suggested by the astro-locality map for this alignment. This includes a longitudinal zone running from Iran up through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia; and along the middle Pacific coast of North America (including Alaska, British Columbia, and the Pacific Northwest as well as California in the US). There’s also a horizon arc sweeping northeasterly through Australia and across Papua New Guinea, on through the Pacific to Kamchatka, crossing the Bering Strait and running along northern Canada before turning southward to pass through the Atlantic just off the eastern tip of Brazil. When the headlines of the day are written, they’re bound to include some extreme storm, tide and seismic activity along one or more of these zones. (Note that some of the same target zones are emphasized in both the full and new moon astro-locality maps.)

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  1. Moderation enabled to exclude comments that don’t agree with your ideology. Nice. How very neoliberal of you. Just like Obama.

  2. Every 26,000 years (25,800) the Sun completes one rotaion, aligns with the earth, and both align with the center of the Milky Way (our Solar System). It’s known as the Galatic Alignment and was noted in the Mayan Long Count Calendar. It takes place again on December 21, 2012. Yeh, that’s what all the fuss is about. If this earthquake was caused by the alignment of only one planet one wonders what the Galatic Alignment will cause?

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