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  1. There’s an advanced psychology about defense mechanisms against envy. If you panicked when they chose up sides and you decided better to be on the pre-emptive one because otherwise someone might find out you’re a softie, but then you look out the window one day and realize it could have been done a different way without selling your soul; if you realize the ones you’ve relentlessly pursued for years still don’t want to join you because they like themselves just fine the way you once were, you’ll just have to convince the rest of the world they were undesirable anyway.

  2. I find myself not being able to finish reading stuff, even by Matt Taibbi. I can’t finish it. Why? Because of everything that is left out.

    We are all here, living on stolen land, every instant of every day. Envy?

    President Andrew Jackson signed-off on the forced relocation of the “savages” who were already living here. Now, his likeness is on our motherfucking $20 bill. Envy?

    We cry and moan and groan about fascism coming to America. Is it here? Is it here NOW? How about NOW?

    Envy? No. I’m just waiting for it all to fall down.

  3. Taibbi is half right. The facts half. He still doesn’t get what’s going on with the OWS movement however. Must be all that partying with the 1% crowd that’s fogging his insight.

  4. My comment above is written from the perspective of a 1%er looking out the window at occupiers (everywhere). If that didn’t occur to you, then by all means, please read it again. It’s just so easy to assume that would be the narrative of the 99%. I understand just how disparate from the commenter was Taibbi’s perspective.

    As to comment 2, yes, what about NOW? We have recently witnessed several trial runs at making due process obsolete, with all the attendant litmus tests for public approval. What’s that line from that Bono song, “cry without weeping, talk without speaking, scream without raising your voice.”

    Running to Stand Still. Comments here.

  5. tsisageya: We may not have long to wait. i notice that there is very little (almost no) climate change information available to Americans – probably because our Republican President (yes he is) failed to lead us in the right direction (and we’ll all be paying until the great collapse for it). Here’s a little nugget for you:
    and on another note (again – very hard to find in the MSM):

    We aren’t even preparing for any kind of climate problems DESPITE the flooding in the midwest this spring, the extended drought in Texas (and highest temps they’ve ever experienced – which caused farming to collapse and animals to perish), and the unbelievable tornadic damage in places like Joplin MO this year. It isn’t going to “get better” any time soon because we continue to use fossil fuels (the main cause of the problem) for everything. Once we start factoring in glacial melt, sea level rise, earthquake and volcano activity – we’re in for a world of hurt.

  6. Here I go commenting on an old post again, BUT is there no one, anywhere, that can actually understand my point? Here’s my point: AMERICA HAS ALWAYS BEEN FASCIST. THE CONSTITUTION IS A FARCE.

    How’s that?

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