5 thoughts on “Even the Vatican

  1. I think they will suddenly discover that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state…

  2. When Cardinals refuse communion to politicians who cut the social safety net, or take millions in donations from corporations, or abolish regulations that protect workers/children/the environment, and threaten to excommunicate those politicians, like they did John Kerry, I’ll take that at face value. But Cardinals like to have their aged steak and sommeliers’ selections as much as everyone else, and eat it too.

  3. The Vatican and it’s neo-Fascist Pope have suddenly realized that most of their parishioners are included in the 99%. This is a bold move to protect their flank. The question is, where have they been for the past 2000 years? The Christ would be very unhappy with these clowns.

  4. I’m kind of surprised at you guys. What’s called “Catholic Social Teaching” has been around for decades, with multiple documents talking about the preferential option for the poor, the dignity of labor, rights to unionize, and much else (including entire economic theories which aren’t pure capitalism). It’s true that this has often been ignored in practice, but it’s been the consistent teaching for decades (and arguably for over a century).

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