Maybe it’s worse than it used to be. Maybe someone should do something about it?

The unusually early snowstorm bringing heavy, wet snow to the East Coast has knocked out power to more than 2.3 million customers.

More than 665,000 people are without power in New Jersey, including Gov. Chris Christie, who declared a state of emergency Saturday. Two hospitals that lost power are operating on generators.

Utilities in Connecticut are reporting more than 550,000 without power, while utilities in Pennsylvania are saying more than 560,000 are without power.

In New York, more than 260,000 have lost power, and in Massachusetts, more than 270,000 are without electricity.

Western Maryland has more than 26,000 outages.

2 thoughts on “Weather

  1. What should someone do and who is that someone?
    That’s a serious question, btw.
    Everyone can start walking from place to place scratching the ground with sticks tomorrow if we all decide to stop using fossil fuels (Then people would just burn trees to stay warm). This is a one-way train ride we’re on, just like the Maya were.

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