All together now: Let’s break BofA

Matt Taibbi explains, in his inimitable way, how the sneaky bastards at the Fed will continue to put taxpayers on the hook for bad bets made by gambling degenerates in the banking world:

The government’s patronage of the bank was never clearer than in recent weeks, when B of A quietly decided to move trillions of dollars (trillions, not billions) in risky Merrill Lynch derivatives contracts off Merrill’s books and onto the books of the parent/retail arm, Bank of America.

This decision was done at the behest of counterparties to those transactions, who wanted those contracts placed under the aegis of Bank of America, whose deposits are insured by the FDIC. The move was made, according to reports, so that Bank of America could avoid posting $3.3 billion in collateral to satisfy the company’s creditors. In other words, Bank of America just got You the Taxpayer to co-sign as much as $53 trillion worth of dicey derivative contracts.

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2 thoughts on “All together now: Let’s break BofA

  1. Before Bill Clinton allowed the Glass-Steagall Act to be junked in 1999 this sort of nonsense would have been illegal. Thanks Bill.

  2. This is mind-blowing.
    I lay it all at Obama’s feet — he could have stopped it with a snap of his fingers.

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