Tempting fate

So Wisconsin legislators really think this is a good idea, huh? Considering how many angry people there are these days, I have to wonder if all that Koch and ALEC money is destroying what’s left of their brain cells, since it seems to override the normal self-protection instinct:

Madison — Assembly Republicans voted Thursday morning to allow concealed guns on the body’s floor and in its public viewing galleries.

The policy passed 5-3 on a party line vote. The committee of lawmakers did vote unanimously to amend the policy to prohibit the open carrying of weapons such as rifles.

The move comes after Gov. Scott Walker’s administration last week decided to open up the Capitol and most other state buildings to concealed guns by valid permit holders. On Tuesday, Wisconsin became the 49th state in the country to allow concealed guns and other weapons to qualifying people who fulfill a training requirement and receive a permit.

In the Assembly, individual lawmakers will still be able to post their own offices and prohibit weapons there.

The policy has drawn criticism from Democrats who point out that people are not allowed to use cameras in the viewing galleries or hold signs but will be able to carry guns. Republicans voted down a Democratic motion to allow signs but Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon) said he might reconsider that question at a later date.

4 thoughts on “Tempting fate

  1. Great title, susie. Tempting fate. I wonder if Democrats, Independents, Socialists, or Atheists could ever be on that those-who-qualify list. I recommend looking into this.

    I despise guns and shun them but that’s just me.

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