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  1. Concerning positions and causality. First, politics ain’t bean bag. Secondly, in the 2008 election both Democratic candidates in turn, played the sexism card, the race card, the sympathy card, the fear card, and so on. Each embellished the truth and so are both liars. Neither Hillary nor Obama had clean hands, and neither should be given a free pass in any of this. So the question becomes which candidate committed the most egregious sin? That depends. But suffice to say that politicians are a waste of everyone’s time. Any (every) cult of personality is made up of syncophants imbuded with an unhealthy and blinding devotion to their object of affection. Sometimes the racism or sexism seen by the members of a cult is not seen by anybody else and is in fact only a ghost. But perception is often mistaken for reality.

  2. Susie, there is no doubt in my mind that food going corporate is not a good thing, primarily from an economic standpoint. But from a health perspective, I have my doubts about whether what you eat makes that much difference. Steve Jobs was a food nut. He ate primarily a plant based diet, sometimes weeks at a time the same fricking vegetable, and wholesome fruits and grains. He had personal chefs who knew how to prepare broccolli. He fasted. He died of pancreatic cancer. Oh, sure, he probably would have lived if he’d allowed the doctors to open him up sooner. But he still got pancreatic cancer in spite of his rigorous diet.
    That frozen dude they found in the alps? Utzi? Had a genetic marker for heart disease and arterial plaques. His last meal was ibex and some whole grains and veggies. Oh, and he climbed mountains regularly.
    Even my dad, who had no bad habits, didn’t smoke, drank only occasionally, wasn’t fat, ate a good diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits (although he didn’t like cauliflower and broccolli) and drank about a gallon of plain old cold water a day from a jug in the fridge, died of bladder cancer. He had no known risk factors.
    “Moderation in all things”. There’s no getting out of this alive.

  3. I know what you mean, but I already assume I’m going to die at some point. I just want to be as physically functional as possible until that happens.

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