Who crashed the economy? NYT dodges question.

Most Americans are strongly in favor of higher taxes on the rich and many other common-sense measures that David Leonhardt’s article either doesn’t mention or carefully downplays. More here.

One thought on “Who crashed the economy? NYT dodges question.

  1. The 1% knows that there is no such thing as a liberal media, hell they own most of it and they ain’t liberals, and that capitalism was killed by them years ago along with our republic. But most folks are so focused on making enough money from their low paying jobs to survive that they simply don’t have the time to screw with the oligarchy. Most people care that they’re being fucked over but they’ve just given up and accepted their fate. That’s why the OWS movement is so important. Those that can…. do for those that can’t. That’s the Christian way. The moral way. The exact opposite of the Republican way.

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