From Greg Sargent (via Digby):

The ultra wealthy will spend a whole lot of undisclosed money on a whole lot of ads filled with a whole lot of lies designed to dupe a whole lot of struggling Americans into believing that their number one problem in life is a rag-tag band of nose-ringed hippies who somehow managed to compel our media to tentatively begin a discussion about this, and the very modest actions we should take to begin to change it.

Update: And it just might work.

One thought on “Prediction

  1. I went to downtown Denver last night after the police had cleared the campers out of the park. The lines of cops wearing black riot gear were reminiscent of Seattle during the WTO demonstrations, but this time many of them were holding rifles. (I think the rifles were designed for rubber bullets, but I am not certain.)

    A group of about 150 protesters who had not been arrested were marching around the downtown shopping areas, peacefully but not quietly. What was fascinating to me at that point was the response of all the other people downtown, or rather the lack of response. I was very curious to see whether the presence of the protesters, who had just gone through an ordeal involving rubber bullets, tear gas, and the theft of their camping gear, would inspire any gestures of support. But nearly all of the members of the “general public” I saw merely carried on their activities and conversations as if the protesters weren’t there.

    The lesson I get out of this is that the Denver protesters may be doing their thing in the wrong place. Downtown, especially on a weekend night, is a place where people who have money go to spend money. The occupiers really didn’t manage to be seen by many of the people who are hurting in this economy. The park where they were camping is relatively isolated from where people congregate, and the news reporters didn’t tell a very accurate story about what really happened when the police cleared the campers out.

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