Hostile takeover

We will never have peace in the Middle East if the U.S. continues to turn a blind eye to this:

The Military Advocate General (MAG ) is delaying the publication of an internal report from a year ago which shows that most of the West Bank outpost of Derekh Ha’avot is on private Palestinian land. The report, a copy of which was obtained by Haaretz, indicates that 60 percent of the Etzion Bloc community is on Palestinian farmland.

The outpost, also known as Nativ Ha’avot, was established in early 2001 and is home to about 35 families. In 2002, the Palestinian landowners petitioned the High Court of Justice for the return of their land. A government team appointed to conduct a land ownership survey never completed its work.

One thought on “Hostile takeover

  1. There was some good news concerning the Middle East this week. One of Hillary’s favorite people was fired by Obama. That was militant Zionist and one of the main obstructionists to Mid-East Peace Dennis Ross. Ross was the chief Mid-East negotiator. He was the guy who invented the “undivided Jerusalem” doctrine. Obama seems finally to be waking up to the games that the Clinton’s have been playing on many fronts for years.

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