Discovery Channel chickens out

This really makes me furious. Yeah, we all know the corporate media censors content, but this one’s pretty crucial, and I resent the fact that political interests have so intimidated the media, they feel compelled to eradicate the truth:

An episode of the BBC’s Frozen Planet documentary series that looks at climate change has been scrapped in the U.S., where many are hostile to the idea of global warming.

British viewers will see all seven episodes of the multi-million-pound nature series throughout the Autumn. But U.S. audiences will not be shown the last episode, which looks at the threat posed by man to the natural world. It is feared a show that preaches global warming could upset viewers in the U.S., where around half of people do not believe in climate change.

The series of six episodes has been sold to 30 countries, including China, one of the world’s biggest polluters.

[…] In the U.S., Frozen Planet is being aired by Discovery. They were involved in the joint-production of the series. Yet they are still refusing to accommodate Frozen Planet in its entirety.

The timing of a one-sided global warming programme could be particularly sensitive in the U.S., where climate change is an issue in the presidential race.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry accuses climate scientists of lying for money.

A poll earlier this year found that the majority of Americans believe that if climate change does exist, it is not caused by humans.

3 thoughts on “Discovery Channel chickens out

  1. Major Kong: get real.
    “All major scientific societies and the US National Academy of Science have affirmed that the recent rise in greenhouse gases in the global atmosphere has contributed to changes in our climate,” the scientists say. Additional climate changes will challenge farmers and planners β€œto maintain the prosperity of our state and its role in national and global food security.”

  2. “Discovery” might be the wrong name for this channel.

    How about “Hide the Inconvenient Truths” Channel.

    Or, the Ignore Inconvenient Truths Channel…especially if the Mainstream Corporate Media’s corporate masters says something must be ignored.

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