We’re clueless, but we’re special

Don’t laugh, this is almost always the most effective way for Republicans to reach “low-information” voters.

In the context of the 2012 campaign… [American exceptionalism] it has taken on a much more partisan edge, invoked by Republicans as a way to define President Obama as weak, lacking in core American values and almost unpatriotic.

It is easy to dismiss as election-season jingoism, the political equivalent of a “We’re No. 1” chant from the cheap seats. But the exceptionalism argument offers some voters a reassuring counternarrative to persistent joblessness, a long-term hollowing out of the middle class and a sense that the nation’s best days are past. And it intensifies the pressure on Mr. Obama to avoid sounding defensive about the difficult challenges he has faced as president and to articulate a positive story for why he deserves another four years.

2 thoughts on “We’re clueless, but we’re special

  1. Ode to the Special: The Jewish Republic of Israel (that’s the way Netanyahu wants the world to refer to Israel) annexed 375 acres of Palestinian land north of the Jordan Valley on Thursday. Just because they could. On Friday the Jewish Republic sent human shields (otherwise known as Zionist settlers) into the occupied Golan Heights to grab up some “free land.” That’s because Netanyahu is very nervous about what’s going on in Syria. One must keep in mind that there is always some ulterior motive for any action that the Jewish Republic takes. And it’s generally not a Peaceful motive.

  2. North Korea’s one-party system’s single-source news source apparently tells their citizens that North Korea is #1 Isn’t it interesting how Republican behavior is so often an imitation of totalitarian regimes?

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