Coming up

Mercury goes retro tomorrow and then we have this solar eclipse in Sagittarius (which hits me directly, so that’s interesting for me).

As usual: If you’re going to buy anything electronic or mechanical, it’s better to wait until Dec. 14, when it finally goes direct. Double-check appointments (is it on Third St. at 1 o’clock, or on 1st St. at 3?) because it’s a time when we’re more easily confused. If you’re traveling, plan for delays.

But enjoy the fact that we frequently gain new insights into old problems during a retro, which reminds us that dead ends aren’t always.

4 thoughts on “Coming up

  1. You’re my fav on Virtually Speaking. I’m a devoted listener (and friends with Sherry’s sister in LA). I forgot you’re into astrology, as I am — and also a Sag so thanks for the good thoughts about Mercury and link to eclipse (my bday 11/23). I didn’t realize you were Suburban Guerilla until Naked Capitalism outed you on link this morning. I shoulda known since Suburban Guerilla describes you so perfectly and is a great name.

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