7 thoughts on “Kids living in cars

  1. This is what the Republican austerity program (spending cuts and tax breaks for the 1%) looks like. Not a pretty picture.

  2. The kids featured in this segment are, well, astonishing. Maybe it’s the editing, but they both speak so well. OK, April is the one whose words touched me and near broke my heart.

    I saw the brief segment on CBS Evening News –haven’t watched the longer version yet.

    Scott Palley and CBS Evening News have been featuring coverage of homeless families and especially the effects on the children for some time now. Is this bcz it was CBS which featured documentaries on migrants? And they have some kind of history to build on? Anyway, Palley has had several segments on the effects of the Great Recession. Political actors are never pointed out, however, just the effects of political actions.

  3. “Political actors….actions,” why would the 1% who own the MSM point out that it’s their bought and paid for Republican Party which is causing all of this misery?

  4. And I had to watch two advertisements for multinational corporations just to watch that video. Fed Ex and Apple.
    And the capitalism just keeps killing us…

  5. It was twenty-two degrees in my tent this morning. For what it’s worth, that’s preferable to the two inches of snow last Monday.

    I’ve lived on The Oregon High Desert pretty much all of my life, and worked out-of-doors as a logger, ranch-hand and builder for much of that. I’m no stranger to the cold rain and snow. But I didn’t know you could shiver so hard. Literally, convulsing.

  6. I read the best thing you can do to stay warm is to sleep on a pile of pine boughs. But why are you camping outside? I thought you had another teaching job.

  7. My problem with the reporting was that it referred to “the great recession” like it was some sort of natural occurrence and not a result of greed and the actions of man. What about the fifth W, why? Why are so many people homeless or at risk of becoming homeless? Where did all the money go? Recessions don’t just happen. People cause them. Who is benefiting while so many are suffering? You can’t solve a problem without understanding its causes.

    Of course, that assumes our “leadership” is interested in solving this problem. Maybe Washington will take notice when some CEOs are living in a fucking truck.

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