2 thoughts on “The best of all possible worlds

  1. What else can the paid propagandists for the 1% like Dr. Glaeser say? “Don’t worry, be happy,” is all that they have left. Look around, the ghettos are growing. Note: The NYT has historically hired more ex-intelligence types (CIA, NSA, etc.) than any other media outlet in America.

  2. I’m reading a history of the European revolutions of the 1850s right now. Reading about the French, I’m realizing that changes like theirs in that age, or ours today, don’t happen all at once. Some things change with the first upheaval, but a lot of stuff takes decades to work through. It does seems to matter that working people prove to ourselves and to our overlords that we can, and will, have their asses on a platter if they mess with us. I would love to see the day when the oligarchs here are as afraid of us as the monarchs were of the French workers.

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