Secret Santa

When you’re a blogger, you become so used to bad news, you’re thrilled when something good happens. So I love to pass along stories like this one from the Reading Eagle. Enjoy!

Calling himself Secret Santa, an anonymous businessman doled out scores of $100 bills Tuesday in Reading, one of America’s poorest cities.

In all, about $20,000 was given out by the light-haired, clean-shaven man, who sported a red shirt and a red cap with the word Elf on the back as he was accompanied by police at a bus station and other locations.

The generosity brought at least two people to tears, as seen on a Reading Eagle video.

“There’s a lot of happiness that comes of this,” he says in the footage. “I get more out of this than they do.”

In the newspaper’s write-up, the man tells how he is following in the boot steps of Kansas City’s Larry Stewart, who gave away more than $1 million over 25 years as a Secret Santa. Stewart died in early 2007, shortly after revealing his identity.

“I promised him on his deathbed that I would continue the tradition,” the latest Santa said.

He plans to spread more cheer in other cities, accompanied by the likes of comedian Larry the Cable Guy, the newspaper said.

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  1. Ahhh, the original Santa Claus—- Nicolas of Antioch. Saint Nicholas to the Orthodox Christians and worse than Judas to the Roman Catholics. You gotta love the Gnostics.

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