One thought on “Christmas baby

  1. This looks like a precursor to what’s coming here as the Occupy movement gains momentum. Next spring and summer, with more and more people being affected by the stagnation of wages and loss of jobs and homes while prices rise due to inflation, scarcity and greed the needs of the many will come to a critical mass and the rioting and chaos may begin here too. We’ve already seen the ugly hand of the police state in breaking up Occupy sectors behind petty “laws” involving temporary shelters and signage (among others) and i don’t think desperate people will put up with these heavy handed tactics by the few police. Remember they are entirely outnumbered and surrounded by US; despite their weaponry and military backing – we know where they all live! They can’t control 250,000 to millions of desperate people with nothing to lose and armed to the teeth. In fact, like in Syria and elsewhere, there is growing dissention in the ranks of the police and military who realize it’s their own families they are harming.

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