3 thoughts on “Why women need fat

  1. I read somewhere that our bodies crave fat, salt and sugar, and if in the natural environment seeking those elements will get us the appropriate nutrition. It’s the drop in glucose levels that makes us hungry and the intake of fat is what makes us feel full. In normal food we don’t get very much of these things even if we are looking for them, but being so smart we learned how to refine and isolate sugar, fat and salt and so now we get them in concentrated form. Which means we get far too much of all of them, and food producers have learned how to make up dependent on their products by loading them with fat, sugar and salt. Think of McD’s value meal. Fat hamburger, salt french fries and sugar Coke.

  2. Groundbreaking. Not. I read this kind of literature well over a decade ago. Maybe two. It always shocks me how long it takes stuff like this to make it from the better magazines and journals on to the best seller lists.

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