3 thoughts on “Rejoice, fellow pagans

  1. Odd Man Out…”anti-Semitic? Really?? Wasn’t the Christ a Semite? So he was not only a self-hating Semite, but a self-hating Jew as well? Man, this cat was conflicted big time. No wonder he pissed off both the Sanhedrin and the Romans. Then again maybe the Christ was an observant Gnostic Jew and communist crapping on the capitalists parade? That answer works just as well, don’t you think?

  2. My wording could have been clearer. Jesus and his early followers were all Jewish. It wasn’t until St. Paul made his fateful decision to accept Gentiles into the new religion that it began to become anti-Semitic, at first because most Jews who weren’t followers of Jesus were strongly against “Christian” teachings.

  3. odd man out, ahhh the Paulines. That Paul was a Roman agent/spy might have something to do with that anti-Semitic, pro-Gentile bent in his Chriatian teachings, no? The Jews, per se, weren’t against the teachings of the Christ. Which were actually closer to the original Judism (orthodox) than the practices of the pro-Roman Sanhedrin. You know the selling the ritual bath before entering the Temple and the conversion of shekels into Roman coin, etc. The Jews were opposed to the teachings of Paul because they saw them as further defiling Judism. The anti-Semitic stuff was a political tactic used by Constantine I to curry favor with the leaders of the Christian Church before he coopted the entire movement to consolidate his own power. Arabs are Semites too.

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