A government that resorts to this is falling apart:

BEIRUT — As government troops advanced on a village in northwestern Syria, activists say the terrified residents fled into a valley for fear of being arrested or worse. What happened next, one of the activists said, was “an organized massacre.”

The troops surrounded the valley and unleashed a barrage of rockets, tank shells, bombs and gunfire in an hours-long assault, according to two human rights groups and a witness, killing more than 100 people and leaving no survivors in one of the bloodiest days of a crackdown by President Bashar Assad against a nine-month popular uprising.

3 thoughts on “Syria

  1. (Yemen’s Ali Saleh to come to the USA.) Assad’s father killed tens of thousands, mostly Muslim Broterhood members, before he regained control of Syria. Assad the son tried to do the same thing to get the same result. It didn’t work so the oligarchy in Syria has settled on waging a civil war. Nasty busisness that. But allowing the war criminal and president of Yemen, Ali Saleh, into the US for “medical treatment” is a big problem for us. It will invite terrorism. Hillary should refuse to grant permission for Saleh to enter the country. If she does not the blood that will result will be on her hands.

  2. Oops!Meant for my comment above to relate to the previous post:2nd Amendment Christmas. Oh well, it probably is even more appropo for the Syria post.

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