Perry waves (Confederate) flag

This time Texas Gov. Rick Perry isn’t making vague threats about secession. He’s merely threatening to ignore a possible Supreme Court ruling:

At a radio forum sponsored by the anti-abortion and anti-birth control group Personhood USA, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that he would refuse to obey a Supreme Court decision striking down the group’s signature anti-choice proposal:

QUESTION: You have agreed to “endorse legislation making clear that Fourteenth Amendment protections apply to unborn children” . . . . What happens if the U.S. Supreme Court attempts to strike down this legislation, and replace it with one of its own edict denying the inalienable right to life for all persons born or unborn? Would you enforce the inalienable right to life or the Court’s opinion as the law?

PERRY: Well, obviously you enforce the right to life opinion.

Perry’s promise to openly defy the Supreme Court is disturbing, but it is also far from original. Fellow candidates Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich have also pledged to treat binding Supreme Court opinions as if they were merely optional, and Gingrich even supports legitimizing his radical view of the Constitution through a campaign of intimidation against judges who disagree with him.

Nevertheless, the GOP’s burgeoning love affair with Jim Crowesque defiance of the judiciary is very strange, considering that activist judging is the backbone of their policy agenda.

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One thought on “Perry waves (Confederate) flag

  1. The Civil War was a battle over States Rights. Those supporting the primacy of States Rights lost the war. The Union was saved and “The South will rise again,” became the battle cry of the losers. The Republican Party is filled with neanderthal’s who believe that the government is preventing giant corporations and rich people from succeeding because they are “taxed and regulated too much.” It’s just the States Rights argument in a different form. That’s what the 1% tells them to think and they think it. Perry, Paul, Romney and the rest have been hired by the 1% to spread the message. Some are better at it than others. Obama and Bill Clinton for instance.

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