5 thoughts on “Verizon

  1. This is a common practice. It’s usually called a “convenience fee”. My local electric company has the balls to print on their payment envelopes “save the cost of stamps every month, pay your bill online”. A stamp is what, 44 cents? They charge a $2.95 convenience fee for paying the electric bill online. Bastards.

  2. They’ve been charging $1 to people who paid their bill in cash for awhile. I guess they figured they needed a new revenue stream.

  3. Phy,

    That fee frosts my cookies too. You can’t escape it. If you pay online you pay. If you pay by phone you pay. The only upside to it is that they seem to immediately credit you.

  4. I thought that it was for anyone who did not sign up for their “auto-pay” system. So even paying via snail mail or in person costs you the extra money.

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