What’s so funny (’bout peace, love and understanding)

I used to have a friend who would argue with me about this song, saying it was “ironic” and meant to ridicule pacifists. I told him he was full of shit. He was kind of a conservative asshole and getting worse. The final straw that ended our friendship was when he ridiculed me for saying America was slipping into fascism under George Bush. I hear he’s found Evangelical Jesus and plays in a church band now. Figures.

Nick Lowe:

3 thoughts on “What’s so funny (’bout peace, love and understanding)

  1. Yeah…depends how you define “fascism,” I guess.

    Remember that the Reaganauts thought “Born In The USA” was a great, patriotic song created for great, patriotic ‘murkins–like their super-hero and SaviorMan, Ronnie.

    Cons are notoriously inept at interpreting/understanding art, humor, and culture.

  2. Nothing against Jesus, you understand, but why is it that fanatical, right-wing Cristians seem to migrate towards Jesus as if to justify their fringe beliefs (such as claiming to be FOR life and then gun down the good abortionist in cold blood, in CHURCH, of all places!

  3. dandy, the Christ would NOT be an Evangelical Christian if he were around today. He was into forgiveness and enlightenment, not stupid.

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