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  1. Your title is exactly what I thought about when I read the breakdown of the top 1% too. And my friggin doc is from Canada, so it really surprised me when I started up a convo with him during the healthcare reform bill/debacle and he announced he was against single payer…I thought..wtf dude? How can you be against something that would serve the masses so much better than the crappola we have, aka the Healthcare Insurance Industry carpetbaggers.

    And thanks for the link, mucho appreciated. 😉

  2. IN OTHER NEWS: 1) Apparently the Congress has discovered that the US Constitution has a 6th Amendment. They will be reviewing the language in the NDAA concerning citizen detention when they retun from Christmas break. 2) Yemen’s president Ali Saleh won’t be coming to the US after all. The big loser here is Obama’s NSA deputy John Brennen who runs the Middle East/Africa counter-terrorism (drone) program out of Yemen in cooperation with Saleh’s sons. Brennen wanted to allow war criminal Saleh into the USA. 3) Zionist Republican Congressman Steve Austria of Ohio’s 7th won’t be running for re-election. This clowns picture is right next to the word “pond-scum” in Webster’s. 4) Newt pulls a Hillary in Iowa by bursting into tears. His crying jag seemed much more believable than Hillary’s did in New Hampshire. Meaning that Newt is a far better actor than she is. Peace

  3. I wonder how many of that 16% of the 1% are specialists — surgeons (including the plastic kind), anesthesiologists, cardiologists, radiologists, oncologists, etc., and how many are GPs, family care practitioners, pediatricians, and the like?

    Doctors in other developed nations earn closer to the national norm than those in the US. I wonder why that is? Nationalized health care, most likely. Could that be why so many docs and the AMA are so opposed to single-payer?

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