3 thoughts on “Rick

  1. Who really gives a shit if this total moron wins Iowa? I do, however, hope does win the whole Thug nomination to help reveal how sick that Party has really become. Too bad he’ll quit any minute now along with Bachmann, Paul, and “oopsie daisey” from Texas.

  2. My theory is that Santorum got so many votes only because when it was his turn to ride the “surge,” it was too late in the game for the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) and his opponents to get out to the IA voters information about his truly mind blowing weird thinking and stands on so many issues.

    I also think Perry will be kept in the race (deliberate choice of passive voice) to make it impossible for one rightwing evangelical type candidate to get enough votes to “win” in the upcoming SC and FL primaries.

    The Powers That Be of the Repub Party (well, the Repub side of the Money Party to which both legacy parties belong now) want Romney as the replacement for Obama, should Obama not be reelected. Both serve the needs of Big Money and Banksters. Both will keep the apples piled up nice and high on their apple cart. Neither will work the will of the rest of us, the 99%.

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