Phrase of the month: stealth recall

Orson Welles as Harry Lime in "The Third Man," based on Graham Greene's novella

For you scholars out there: To which circle of hell would Dante’s god have assigned corporate chiefs who put on the market — and then don’t take proper steps to recall — tainted, potentially lethal “medicine?” More here.

3 thoughts on “Phrase of the month: stealth recall

  1. Susie, acetaminophen has a well known history of causing sometimes fatal liver damage. The problem with acetaminophen is that every person is unique and what is an acceptable dose for one person can kill someone else. It is age independent. Fortunately, such cases are rare but unpredictable. Tylenol is and has been for some time, one of the most dangerous over the counter medications on the market. In some respects, it is more dangerous than some prescription medicines that have gotten pulled from the market. In fact, I don’t take it. I have read that as few as 4 extra strength Tylenol can kill you.
    Besides, it never worked for me anyway. I take ibuprofen and aspirin, which come with their own set of problems.
    So, the parents of that kid who died will probably get a nice settlement from McNeil but that won’t solve the problem for anyone. It’s still a very dangerous product. If I were the FDA, I’d pull it or make it by prescription only. Plan B is sweetarts in comparison.

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