‘Five Years’

This I’m posting in connection with the scary news from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. The nuclear weapons situation last year looked so grim that scientists reset the Doomsday Clock a minute closer to midnight. We’re within minutes of Armageddon, which might work out to five years in Bowie-time.

Which is good in a way. I’ve got a lot of writing to do and deadlines help me get down to business, and the fact that there won’t be any readers left is beside the point.

Then again, Bowie wrote the song around 1972, when he was doing his Ziggy Stardust thing. He turned 65 this week, so it’s safe to not take the song literally. But keep your eye on that Doomsday Clock.

2 thoughts on “‘Five Years’

  1. I’m not so sure doomsday can be prophesied just so. Shouldn’t we assume that this is no more valid than Harold Camping’s prophesies?

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