4 thoughts on “Pretty easy code to break

  1. Oh puuuuleeaase Crowley, did you just crawl out of a ditch somewhere? Of course, Gingrich was calling out with his dog wistle comment to rascists everywhere.

  2. Here’s what our neo-con (Zionist) friends think of the OWS movement. Obama’s populist attacks on the Republican’s (Capitalist Party) as “protectors and enablers of the plutocrats, the exploiters of the (99%). It’s all rather uncomplicated, capturing nicely the ‘Manichean’ core of the OWS movement,….Obama’s class-envy gambit (is) lagging, suffering in part from its association with an OWS rabble that had widely worn out its welcome.” Charles Krauthammer. Manichean, meaning the final battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness which is at the root of all the worlds religions. What’s interesting here is that the seemingly unenlightened, right wing, Zionist Krauthammer is actually willing to point out that this battle between good and evil is nearing its conclusion. (A word to the atheists and to the agnostics. This battle is now in progress and will rage within you and without you. Neutrality is not an option.)

  3. Please. Im, Republicans are Fascist. Nazis. By definition: when the Capitalists – the Corporation – the means of production, control the means of distribution, it is Fascism.

    Something to think about – we’ve long been told the only acceptable historical models of Fascism that can be studied are those of Hitler and Mussolini (and Tojo but Tojo wasn’t a Fascist, he was an Imperialist – you know, an Emperor). In perhaps the best example of the corporate media managing the message – the subterfuge, the projection of right-wing behavior going back a hundred and fifty years – we are told the Klu Klux Klan, though meeting all the accepted criterion was not Fascist because it was a bunch of white dogs – “American” white dogs – fighting for their way of life. So to Zionism – which we don’t hear a bloody damned thing about. I’ll bet that here in my hometown of about a hundred thousand, there are not a hundred people that know anything about Zionism. That’s how thoroughly the mainstream media has swept it under the carpet. These days rarely, until recently not one word.

    When you look at Israel, it is and always has been as Fascist as we are, as Fascist as Germany ever was.

    I don’t know if your closing remark is pointed at me, a Gnostic, albeit a Rogue Gnostic, but let me assure the battle does not rage within me, and indeed rages without me. Neutrality is an option when you stand on the outside, when you are Rogue, and your intent is to ensure the survival of your children and grand-children no matter what, that you will be around to pick up pieces after the fall.

  4. Ten Bears, when Marx invented the word Capitalist (Capitalism) Fascism hadn’t been invented yet. Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922) came up with the concept which he called Catholic-Socialism. He annoited Mussolini, who renamed the concept Fascism, as the future political leader of Italy. Actually Israel was set up with a strong Socialist economic system known as Kibbutzism. The Zionist PM Menachem Begin destroyed the Kibbutz system in favor of Capitalism. Gnosticism is a very, very old spiritual philosophy which many claim was the Christ’s philosophical choice. As a matter of fact the historical man called Imhotep practiced it’s tenets. It’s a favorite topic which we could discuss at length if you’d like. You should know however, that there are those who say things like this, “The occult Science of the Ancient Magi was concealed under the shadow of the Ancient Mysteries: it was imperfectly revealed or rather disfigured by the Gnostics…..” So a discussion of it can be difficult.

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