Liberal arts

So compare these findings to the wingnut wisdom that says anyone who went to college and can’t find find a job must have frittered away their time on a non-technical degree:

A liberal arts education can provide a leg up in a down economy, a survey suggests.

Recent college graduates who as seniors scored highest on a standardized test to measure how well they think, reason and write — skills most associated with a liberal arts education — were far more likely to be better off financially than those who scored lowest, says the survey, released today by the Social Science Research Council, an independent organization.

It found that students who had mastered the ability to think critically, reason analytically and write effectively by their senior year were:

•Three times less likely to be unemployed than those who hadn’t (3.1% vs. 9.6%).
•Half as likely to be living with their parents (18% vs. 35%).
•Far less likely to have amassed credit card debt (37% vs. 51%).

One thought on “Liberal arts

  1. EYaw, uh-huh… I have both liberal arts and technical degrees: Master of Science [Information Science], Bachelor of Science [Business Administration: Decision & Information Science], Bachelor of Arts [Anthropology: Native American Studies], Associate of Science [Computer Science], and Associate of Arts [Criminal Justice]; not to mention more “industry certifications” [Micro$oft Certified Systems Engineer, M$ Professional, M$ Educator, Cisco Certified Network Administrator, CompTIA A+, Apple MacPro] than I’d care to wipe my hindquarters with, and twenty years experience.

    I’ve been a post-99er for over 99 weeks.

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