Bye, Karen

In a bit of irony, I’d just like to point out that Karen Handel was a relatively moderate Republican who morphed into a gay-hatin’, pro “family-values” icon because she was beaten up so badly in an election for not being conservative enough.

In any event, looks like she’s leaving the Komen Foundation. I wonder which wingnut welfare job is waiting for America’s Own Martyr?

5 thoughts on “Bye, Karen

  1. The Catholic Church is ratcheting up its frontal assult on the Obama administration for its stance on birth control. If women do not stand up and fight back against this well coordinated and unjust right wing attack on women’s reproductive rights by the male dominated and throughly discredited institution–when it comes to women’s rights in general–the Catholic Church, then women should henceforth sit quietly and forever hold their tongues.

  2. Why claim to be a member of a group, in this case the Catholic Church, when you don’t even pretend to follow its rules? Seems that these 98% of Catholics are simply hypocrites whose word should never be trusted on any issue.

  3. Handle got exactly what she deserved, and will probably end up farther and farther to the right in her new gig, whatever that may be.

    As I’d mentioned previously, here in Georgia she was a relatively unknown figure a few short years ago, but came out of ‘nowhere’ to become Chair of the Fulton County Comm., then very quickly elected Sec’t of State, and finally running for Governor (and losing), all the while embracing fringe right ideals until she finally set herself up as the ultimate martyr. She’s done a fine job of pigeon-holing herself, and good enough for her!

  4. Karen –
    Are you by chance the Karen Bye who started the Wilde-Stein Club at the University of Maine? If so, please contact me. I’m writing a history of that event.
    – Wayne

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